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GEAM has completed dismantling obsolete wind turbines in Palm Springs, CA.

GEAM in Palm Springs, CA

Copper Stator Bars

After being awarded the first " National Contract" for site management on all Wind Farm Projects by Florida's largest Utility, GEAM managed the following locations in 2012.

Limon l & ll , CO - 252 turbines.
Majestic, TX - 51 turbines
Blue Summit, TX - 85 turbines
Minco lll, OK - 75 turbines
Blackwell, OK - 26 turbines
Ensign, KS - 52 turbines
Tuscola Bay, MI - 75 turbines
North Sky River, CA - 100 turbines

All sites included disposition of all empty reels.

All projects were completed on schedule with no issues or injuries!

Ensign Wind, KS Limon Wind, CO North Sky River, CA Tuscola Bay Wind, MI

Just purchased over 250,000 lbs of Titanium from FPL's Turkey Point Nuclear Plant

Turkey Point Nuclear Plant


Announcing first ever award of a National Contact to handle all of NextEra Wind Farms. GEAM has continued as NextEra's go to company for all their Windfarm's recycling needs.