Green Energy Asset Management has worked with major utility companies throughout North America.

  • Next Era Energy - Nationwide
  • PSEG & NJ
  • PP & L-PA

Wind Farm Projects

2016 was a strong year recycling generator scrap cable.

Wind Farm Contract

Green Energy Asset Mgmt., continues to manage the cable recycling for NextEra Energy which also includes the dismantling and disposal of all empty wooden reels. GEAM saved more than 6,000 trees by recycling the pyrsmian reels for reuse.

Wind Farm Projects 2016

David London and his team has successfully finished clearing 6 wind farm sites of all scrap cable and surplus for NextEra Energy.

East Dublin, GA

Removed nine transformers and all associated copper cable at the SP Paper mill in Dublin, Georgia.

NextEra Energy Resources

We are continuing our working relationship with NextEra Energy Resources now and in the future.