David London founded Green Energy Asset Management in 2008. He realized the growing need for his expertise in wind and solar power scrap removal as more and more wind farms were being developed around the world. His know-how, combined with the experience of the G.E.A.M. staff assures clients of the proper handling and removal of surplus scrap and the highest possible value for the surplus.

 G.E.A.M. is one of the only scrap metal companies in North America that can provide the wind energy industry with a turnkey operation for your scrap reclamation. We have relationships with local mills and use our own skilled labor to clear your site. This allows us to pay the highest price for the assets.

 We offer complete asset liquidation at your site. Ferrous and non-ferrous metals recycling, both excess cable material and removal of construction scrap off your site.

 We would like to be added to your approved contractor list of to participate in any bid processes you may have.

 Call David directly to discuss all opportunities in recycling both your scrap metal and cardboard.

  • David London
  • President
  • Green Energy Asset Management
  • In this picture David is standing in front of 2 million pounds of stainless steel tubing bought and sold from solar fields in California